Sunday, September 20, 2009

Social Responsibility, Ethics, and the Marketing Environment: Competitive Factors and Fashion Week

Sephora's Shisedio, Lancome, NARS, and drugstore famous Maybeline New York, may fool you in thinking they are MAC's biggest competitors but in reality MAC Cosmetics is takes part in New York's Fashion Week the most. The demand for MAC is high especially during fashion shows, fashion shoots, etc.. MAC is always a must in any industry including fashion.(First Picture) The first picture is an AD thanking all of the MAC artists that particpated during this past week's fashion week. ( I took a picture of it during my break, and thought this would be perfect for this blog) Fashion and MAC compliment each other very well considering that its founders were a hairstylist, and photographer.

Social Responsibility, Ethics, and the Marketing Environment: Demography

MAC's target market would be Generation Y. Considering my demographic is Generation Y, all of these charatertiscs such as impatient, family oriented, inquisitive, opinionted, diverse, good time managers, street smart, and connected all fall into place. Most consumers whom purchase products from MAC Cosmetics are Generation Y consumers. These consumers are not afraid to pruchade two $18.50 products in comparison to the drugstore where you could find a foundation for $7.00. These consumers know that their skin is important and they will get the best products possible for them and their skin. MAC is the most popular and most demanded for cosmetics avaible in the market.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Strategic Planning:Part 2

MAC Cosmetic mission is to offer great customer service and have a relationship with their customers. The target market that MAC goes for is young adults, models, celebrities, and fashion forward individuals. Since their make-up is usually highly pigmented and use vibrant colors their relationships usually consist of threatical jobs. This would side as their promotional skills of advertisting their make-up line and their limited collections.

Stragetic Planning

MAC Cosmetics stragetic planning takes place every month. MAC Cosmetics has a limited collection. The way they market the limited collection is by its packing. As shown to the left is one of the 2008 Alexander McQueen collections. MAC Cosmetics is extremely famous for marketing themselves with the fashion world. Tieing cosmetics and fashion goes back to the SWOT analysis. MAC most definetly holds a strenght when working with the fashion world. This cosmetic company not only has a great deal to do with the SWOT analysis but it also helps the environment. MAC Cosmetics will take 6 empty containers of make-up in exchange for a free lip gloss. The empty make-up containers are recycled, saving you and the environment.

Monday, September 7, 2009

MAC Cosmetics is now found in 50 countries in the world excluding the United States. The make-up line is sponsored by many celebrites, models, and professional make-up artist. MAC Cosmetics are sold in Bloomingdales, Macys, or any MAC Pro store. It is also sold on their website, most products are on the website except for certain skin care products that can only be found at a Mac Pro store. Their motto is "All ages, all races, all sexes, all MAC," this quote is completely correct because it explains the product extremely well including their excellent customer service.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

History of MAC Cosmetics Inc.

MAC (Make-Up Artist) Cosmetics started in Toronto, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in 1984. Before starting MAC,Frank Toskan worked as a make-up artist and Frank Angelo as a photographer. MAC Cosemtics is known as "stage make-up" because the majority of the colors are highly pigmented and used for special events. There are colors that are for everyday use, but you can make them look pigmented by mixing certain colors together.
In 1994, Estee Lauder became interested what MAC had to offer so they took them "under their wings" in 1994.
In 1997, Frank Angelo passed away because of surgery complications. After a few years, Frank Toskan left MAC to an AIDS Charity with his brother-in-law. MAC's Viva La Glam make-up collection's profit goes to the AIDS Charity to help indiviuals living with AIDS and HIV today. As of 2008, this fund has raised over $130 dollars.
MAC Cosmetics sells over 160 shades of lipsticks, 150 shades of eyeshadows, foundations and such come in every type of shade and different ingredients for all types of skin. The company also has limited collections such as A Rose Romance, Viva La Glam II, Honey, and many more. These collections come out every month.
MAC only hires employees based on artistry experience, positions at MAC are a high demand. MAC is also known for their excellent customer service, they are not trained to push sales or products at you, but help you with products that you could use everyday.
MAC Cosmetics continues to do excellent today, having as many as 50 countries selling their brand excluding the United States.