Monday, October 5, 2009

Consumer Decision Making

As we all know Hello Kitty was orginated in Japan in 1974 by a toy company named Sanrio. On November 14,2008, MAC Cosmestics launched their Hello Kitty limited collection all worth over $1,000 of product. This collection comes with some accesories, which is sometimes usual for most collections. The accessories include a vanity case, make-up bags, tote bags, compact mirror, breaded bracelet, and a 14inch MAC Hello Kitty Plush. "According to MAC Worldwide Senior Vice President Director James Gager , "shes aboslutely our customer," adding " she's usual in that she would be 14 or 75 years old. Within that broadrange of women ( and even men I should say), you'll find an indiviual that loves to play within make-up in an offbeat, oringial way.

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